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Pop Socket 2.0

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Stick It, Slide it, Stand it, The Ultimate Phone Accessory

High quality, sleek design, multi-functional phone stand, grip, and clip. Perfect for anyone who uses their phone regularly for day-to-day use. 


In the US the average person spends up to 5 hours a day on their phone, which could be on social media, reading, working, etc. Phones are not ergonomically designed to be held for extended amounts, that's where the MDRN Phone Grip 2.0 comes in. Specifically designed to reduce hand fatigue and allowing a better grip on your phone at all times and from all angles. 


Forget the big bulky grips, that are awkward and make it impossible to put your phone in your pocket. The MDRN Phone Grip is made from high-quality silicone and ABS Plastic with super-strong durable magnets built into the design you are able to change grips, stick to any metal surface, and "kickstand" your phone for the best possible viewing angles. Connects to any smartphone, can be attached to cases or bare phones. 



  • Ergonomic Hand Placement for larger phones
  • Magnetic capabilities 
  • Used for hands-free viewing
  • Pocket-friendly 3mm thickness
  • Selfie friendly hand placement